What We Focus On

In hang gliding you must look straight to where you are going to be able to steer correctly.  I have found that in life we avoid the side lines if we keep our focus on the next goal of the journey…a good way to avoid the muck, keep our lift and not stall out into a crash landing.

I think our days are better when we can begin on purpose, with purpose, and still on our own side with eyes straight forward on the goal as we continue on our way.

Some days get rattled, some days are completely hard, but if we keep our focus on the goal we with our vision of the things that haven’t yet been made clear will pull the rest of our life into the next reality…keeping ourselves out of the muck even if our feet drag now and then, we still won’t be stuck in the mire.   Don’t forget to keep your lift by focusing on the horizon.

1 Corinthians 13:12