Kit and Enthusiasm

Before you can jump off of a mountain to hang glide, you have to start on the hills.  It is the beginning of the dream becoming reality.   When I took my first hill class I had the best instructor.  It was his genuine enthusiasm that made me excel.  We pulled the gliders up the hill while receiving instruction.   I was in Brian’s group and he is great.  But when I made it off of the hill and landed I heard Kit before I saw him.  He yelled his excitement to me as he drove the cart over to pick up me and the glider…”That was great!, look how far you went, you’re a natural”.  It filled me with excitement and confidence.  I saw myself in a different way.  He didn’t just encourage people…which by the way means to impart courage, he enthusiastically encouraged people. Everyone loves Kit.   He believed that they could be all that  he was…why not?  The next time I took a class I didn’t do as well.  I constantly second guessed myself, I bent the glider twice…they are made to bend but gaw, I was uncomfortable.  I needed Kit’s unlocking power of enthusiasm and encouragement.  I needed to be believed in.                                                                                                                              Something I realized is that when we are doing something new and something that holds so much importance to us because it is a dream we have, is that it really helps to have someone beside us who shares the dream.  They actually impart their strength, and their knowledge that this can be a reality for us too.  They want it with and for you because they are passionate about it.   In a way you walk in their view of you until you gain the skill to actually be that person.  They were once a beginner too.   Anyway, Kit was infectious with his enthusiasm, and it was genuine and made all of the difference and I want to be like that.                                                                                                                                                            Since I am unable to take hang gliding lessons…at the moment…I decided to do a tandem tow up.   I requested Kit as my instructor.  It was a bit windy and we couldn’t fly up as high as planned.  Still I got to guide the hang glider and I even landed it.  Kit and another instructor…Mike? gushed over me and I felt like I could do this thing.  Encouragement is such a gift and a guide through life.  Enthusiastic encouragement is like encouragement on steroids …there is just no room for doubt in that.  All of the past negativity goes out of the window.  I want to be like that…genuinely able to enthusiastically encourage.  What a way to change the world.  Kit changed the world all of the time.  Thank you Kit.