Death of a Cat

Poor Katie, she picked the worse week to die.   We had been busy constantly rushing between our house and my husband’s aunt Annice and work and Nashville for hospital visits for Annice who was dieing.  A horrendous time.  Nothing was convenient.  Everything was exhausting.  The cat was on her own.

She had been going downhill for weeks.  She wasn’t in pain but just was getting slower and slower and weaker.  She would go to the litter box and have to lay down to rest before she could get out.  She would lay on the bottom room of her cat tower, no longer able to jump onto the back of the couch.  She ate miniscule meals, drank very little, and slept all of the time.  We would rush in the house, feed her, clean her litter, spread a little love, rush out.  His aunt and uncle needed us.  Work needed us.  We hardly saw her, we hardly saw each other.

Katie had been in my family for eighteen years.  She was a family pet who survived all of the moves and went from living outside to her glorious life of the past ten years of being indoors all of the time.  She owned the place.  We had a neighbor who cared for her while we went away and she nicknamed her “bossy kitty”. .. and that she was ,Bossy Kitty.  She was formally named Katie Snowball because she was all white and had no tail and her namers were thirteen and five years old.   Her long white hair was everywhere.  My granddaughter Aurora on her visits was constantly putting her fur back on her.   She was now my cat and I loved her.

It seems like sometimes life happens in concentrated tidal waves, it gushes over  you ,you can barely catch your breath.  The week Katie died I took Rex’s two aunts to Nashville.  We were trying to get the younger Annice into Vanderbilt to address the tumor that was stealing her life.  The doctor in Chattanooga said if we were there  she would be more apt to be seen.  I spent two nights with them and had to work the next day, Aunt June’s daughter came to take my place.  She went to the hospital the next day.

I went to work and then drove home to grab some clothes.  The neighbor decided I had to learn my lesson about which side of the driveway to put the trash can on and placed it right in the middle of our driveway so I had to stop on a downward slant to move it.  We stayed with Uncle Carl who is in a wheelchair.  Wednesday I stayed at our house and got up early Thursday morning and drove to Cookeville to pick up a friend who was having surgery at Vanderbilt.  I was to stay all day with her and spend the night with my daughter and then take my friend home the next day.

Vanderbilt hospital is painted all one color!  It just makes it hard to recognize and remember where you are when you are already on edge.  I basically spent the day getting lost.  Everyone was very kind and the staff was good to help when you were lost, it just added to the alienation of maneuvering a new place.  It was hard.

I stayed all day, sat with Laura and then drove to my daughter’s and awaited Laura’s call the next day.  She threw up the whole way back to Allon’s, Tennessee, north of Cookeville.  Poor baby.  It was awful.  I stayed and got her  settled and drove the hour and forty minutes back home in a blur.

Rex met me outside.  We had only been  together a little over two years. He looked me in the eyes and rubbed both arms up and down.  “Honey, there is something I have to tell you…Katie died”  Poor Katie.  She died alone.  He found her when he got home.  She died during the week of fighting death and illness, and the harsh side of life…ugh.  I cried.  I knew she was dieing but I did want to hold her.  I didn’t want her to be alone.  Sorry Katie.  Sometimes life becomes more basic than others and we realize how frail we humans can be.   Sometimes it is long roads of endurance.  Because we love we endure for others sake.  We find strength because of love and sometimes we just go day by day, moment by moment.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things…1 Corinthians 13:7  AMP.  God is love, but me, sometimes I am just plain exhausted and kinda rude.  Sorry Lord.  Hugs to Katie, bossy kitty, and Annice the queen of kindness who went home to heaven before anyone was awake early one morning.  I was privileged to know you.




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