I remember the day I realized that my words that were trying to bring reconciliation and understanding were falling on deaf ears and that the only words coming back at me were fighting words that would never stop until they won, regardless of the truth.

I’ve learned a lot over the years of experiences.  It wasn’t easy but when we can’t settle for manipulation then we are ready to go forward, even if we don’t know where that will lead.

Going forward is looking to the horizon and seeing it is endless and not letting that fact stop you in your shoes.  It is drawing a line in the sand where a boundary should be and being unwilling to submit to the manipulation that used to keep you on the wrong side of it.  It is a measuring rod of what is true and good and right in the life that you now treasure.

Sometimes we spend years to come know these things…so what…no looking back.  Trust yourself, value yourself, be yourself.  Graham Cooke once said, “If there is pressure, the answer is always no”.  I love that guidepost.  If there is pressure it is because someone has an agenda and not love for you.  They may want you to conform to the image they have of who you should be and not who you really are.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Kindness, not just us being kind but the one we are in relationship with should be kind as well, some of us have different standards for ourselves and others and we shouldn’t.

It is truth that sets us free.  Those who love the truth will keep seeking and will come to know and live life in a good conscience with self-respect and speaking the truth in love and looking forward to the horizon without dread.

No settling for less.  You were given this one life.  It is okay to go alone if you must.  There is a lot on the other side of a rough time.

Even if it takes awhile…it is worth it to live  in the words that bring life and freedom and to actually live.  If someone isn’t for you they shouldn’t be with you.  God is for you.  Check out Graham Cooke, Brilliant Books.  He has blessed me alot with his words.

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