We are in the mountains this weekend.  We actually went from the mountains to the mountains.  We are in the Nantahala National Forest at a lodge.  It is good to change spaces.  Our tired brains get refreshed by eliminating our everyday life and stuff and the common things.  The signals all say, “This is a special time, a treat, relaxing, or exhilarating, or an adventure”. We are taking care of us and feel good for doing something for ourselves.

Sometimes I have to check myself because I so value a new adventure that I get stressed that it won’t turn out right.  This could lead to the possibility of ruining the whole thing.  So I process through various scenarios  before I go and then see what unfolds.

Here we are in the mountains…in a lodge.  Isn’t it funny how you can feel  when you get away?  Things that you may not have expected come into your mind when you can’t do your regular routine…when you are at peace.  Somehow, here I believe  that I can change my life, that things can be made over by hard work, risk, courage…maybe I can hold onto that even after I go home and the passion that I feel to go forward into that risk will still be fueled and dreams that are made into reality by courage will start to unfold.