Post Gone Viral

If the best thing ever was right under your nose, right under your feet, made readily available to you wouldn’t you try to share it with the whole world.  If there was enough of what you had longed for to share with and provide for everyone, wouldn’t you let them know?  I think that most of us would try.  The problem wouldn’t be so much in the telling but it may be in the audience.  When a post goes viral it is because it touched something in sometimes millions of people around the WORLD.  It may have been funny, or made them cry ,or enraged, or feel good.

When something changes us, really changes us in our very heart of hearts we want the world to know and it is good to tell them but if they don’t hear or identify it doesn’t make it any less true or real.  Don’t second guess the real things going on in your heart of hearts between you and God.

When you know Jesus then you know.  There is a relationship and experience of this knowing that will continue for the rest of your life.  It is precious.  It is personal.  It is intimately private.  Sometimes you will share it.  Sometimes people will hear you and sometimes the Holy Spirit will bring it up later.  Don’t measure the message by the shares.  Don’t second guess what God has revealed to you by the reactions of others.  Don’t look around only abide. John chapter  15. The Holy Bible.

Henry Blackaby’s Book: EXPERIENCING GOD was a super big help to me in hearing from God and learning to believe Him and the way He communicates.

He is the Author and the finisher of our faith. Hebrews 12:2

If you look for Him you will find him.