Grand Times

Who are this little people who call me “Oma” AND LOVE TO SEE ME.  They are my little treasures and my dear darlings who make me laugh.  I ache for them when I haven’t seen them enough.  They wear me out and I send them home so I can catch my breath.

I enjoy them like I enjoyed my own children…discovering who they are, respecting their view of the world from their place in it and insisting they become a bit more civilized as they are able.

I eat them up and absorb every moment.  We make memories together and they share their thoughts and feelings and find that Oma really cares.

Now when someone talks about how their grandma changed their life when they remembered her prayers or how she encouraged their heart, IMG_20171102_181603295.jpgI put that in my resolve to be the best that I can be.

I hope I can be a grandmother with great influence.  I hope to leave a legacy of people in the world who love the truth, who are courageous, who love to learn, love life, and walk in God’s deep love for them…I am still learning the last one…but aren’t we all.