Delightfully Surprising

The fun of parenting is discovering who your little humans are. Let’s face it they are a bit like us but definitely their own people.  I cherished the journey and enjoyed feeding their interests with books and experiences and a listening ear.  I raised four very different people.  It is kind of hilarious just how different.  In my little culture of humanity we are (oldest to youngest) Nurse Practitioner, Computer Programmer, Hang glide pilot and soon to be Commercial Pilot, Artist/Primitive Skills Instructor, Homemaker/Mom.

Now. to parent you have to be flexible when it comes to dealing with all of these personalities but that is also one of the delightful parts because it is an unfolding mystery.

Three of my four have given me grandchildren, (my pilot is holding tight to remaining a  free spirit and yea for him).  It is a whole new realm.  I love the different cultures and parenting styles and results.

I wanted to share a funny thing with you.  It happened on our way out one day.  I had my oldest grand ones in the car, Ezra, eight and Aurora, four.  These are the children of my Artist/Primitive Skills Instructor and general woodsy lifestyle son and equally woodsy and garden loving daughter-in-law.   These dear ones have been learning about plants that are edible their whole lives.  They camp a lot and live in the country.  Their life includes campfires and foraging, hide tanning and wood carving, homemade kombucha, salves, and bark baskets.  It is a wonderful life.  I love who this family is and to think they are mine…so cool.

I stopped at the end of our driveway.  We have a natural yard and don’t spray it or anything so those lovely little purple blue violets grow all over it in the spring.  We always called them “Johnny Jump Ups”.  Anyway, I stopped the car and picked some for the kids.  I don’t remember Ezra being interested but Aurora took hers.  We went on our way.  She stared at the flowers and then said,  “You can eat these flowers”,  (and you can and I had eaten some in a salad along with oxeye daisies once).  “Can I eat this Oma?”, I said sure.  So she popped one into her mouth and ate it tiny stem and all.  It was so funny!  She must have remembered the warnings then about eating the wild things and not eating anything wild that anyone gave her except her parents because then came the accusation!  “This is poison!  You gave me poison plants to eat…now I will be sick!”  I assured her that it was not poison and that I would never.

See what I mean?…delightfully surprising…and makes me laugh.   Life has its ups and downs…I pray your downs will be made oblivious by your ups and that you can receive joy.  Make your own culture.

Check out my son’s Facebook below…if you want …it’s pretty cool.

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